Saturday, September 13, 2008

Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments

Backgammon Masters Servers were flooded during Launch of Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments

Multi-player Blackjack Tournaments were added to BackgammonMasters Online Game Operator last week which caused doubling of the traffic to its tournament platform. These Blackjack tournaments were anticipated from a long time, and therefore caused a flood of traffic to the game servers which easily handled the load of so many players with no problem.

BackgammonMasters CEO, Jay Ryan said in an interview“This was a great test, we had many more players than anticipated and were thrilled to see that the tournament went off without a glitch.”

Several hundred players participated in the Blackjack tournaments with each player seated at tables of up to 5 competing players. Whichever player wins the most at his table advances to the next stage, and so on until the final winner is left.

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