Friday, September 12, 2008

New Search Engine

So here is another search engine on the block. It is called
The search engine has a clear interface with some interesting searches listed at the bottom. sometimes it is good to have some searches before you for starting up your search procedure. I also tried doing couple of searches on this engine which were first was for my website delhidekho and the second was for india. The result quality was good. There is another feature called voting on the results. Maybe this can help but maybe someday spammers will keep on clicking on the vote icon for their results. The related article feature is good which is displayed along with the results. Clean neat interface with results shown beyond the text are on the right hand sidebar. One good feature i liked when i searched for India was its artcile on India. I am not so sure if it is written by them or some other article it opened.. but it is a good way to start.. but i was a bit disappointed as i couldnt find search results for it. Giving own results is good but give the users the opportunity to decide what they want to look at and what not. Results also have related questions, these can be a good source someitmes but of course not so reliable.
One thing which i disliked was the about us page of this website. a website becomes credible if about us page is filled well.. otherwise al the privacy policies etc are of no value. all in all a good effort to create something new.
It has also been reviewd on That is a good indicator for the credibility of the engine.. Search results seem to be relevant only on the first look.. deeper also ther are somewhat of good quality.
I wish this search engine a huge success in future
PS they seem to respect peoples privacy.. this is on their site "We collect anonymous information each time you visit Ranknoodle, and use this information to provide our services and improve the overall quality of your online experience. Each time you use our search services to submit a query, we collect your IP address, referral data, and browser and platform type. We do not require you to share information that identifies you personally, such as your name or e-mail address, in order to use the search services available on Ranknoodle. We collect this information by assigning an anonymous ID number to your queries and linking the following additional data to that number: the date and time you visited Ranknoodle, your search terms, and the links upon which you choose to click. Like most standard website servers, we use log files to collect and store this anonymous user information."

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i can't find my site using ranknoodle unlike