Tuesday, January 13, 2009

do bed bugs bite you?

Did you get up in the middle of the night because of pain caused by bed bugs bite? It is really painful to be woken up by that thing atleast. i also used to have bed bugs in my home sometime back but them simple measures prevent you from all such harassment by bed bugs bites.This site provides some nice advice on how to get rid of them and hence having a calm, peaceful sleep. Sometimes even i thing, wish there was nothing called bed bugs, i think be keeping the home and bedsheets clean we can avoid bedbugs. But i am no expert, go check that site for more info.

Ever wondered why god created bed bugs? Maybe to teach us all a lesson that even such small things can cause lots of bigger problems in life at times. Right? I am not sure if we can see bed bugs with naked eyes but yeah it makes me a hell irritated if i get disturbed in my sleep by a bed bug. And by the way i have a very fragile sleeping pattern. if i get up in the night i cant go back to sleep easily. Yeah it is a big problem with me. so i definitely need to get rid of bed bugs from my life

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