Saturday, January 17, 2009

electric cars

The oil prices are flickering all the time, sometime going too high and sometime dipping too low, all this has also been affecting my share performances. I have many oil company stocks and their prices flickering gives me a heartbreak sometimes. So anyways lets all shift to electric cars and also buy the shares of electricity companies. i vivite a website couple a days  back it was BYD Electric Cars website. The company, BYD Electric has developed an electric car it seems. Sounds to me like a great noble idea. I think if we use an elecric car it would be of a great use to the environment and also easy on our pockets. Electric cars are the thing of tomorrow. Imagine a world of no fuel problems and everyhthing running on solar power, i mean the electric power generated by suns energy.. sounds like a geat idea to me. but what all you people out there think of it? do we neeed electric cars or not? and if not then why

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