Monday, February 23, 2009

Zenni opticals

So this time zenni opticals, the makers of low cost eyeglasses, were featured on new york times. New york times is a very reputed newspaper and to be featured on it is a big thing. Zenni opticals sells its eye glasses through its website/online retail on its website. Its glasses start from 8 dollars. Isnt that really cheap? I mean i never heard about so low cost glasses. I found a nice frame on its website. It is in the foto on the left. Looks really nice. A perfect corporate looks type. You can also go on its website and look out for cheap and awesome looking frames. I couldnt believe my eyes when i read in new york times about zenni opticals and its cheap frames. But if new york times writes something, i believe it to be right. So i went on its website and cecked out. It is really true! Isnt it amazing, cheap frames for just 8 dollars! So you also go and check out and do not forget to come back and comment on the post to let other readers know about the website and the usability. Till then, happy eye glasses shopping

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