Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hard Drive Recovery

So did you ever face the problem of hard drive failure and you wanted to get your hard drive repair from some professional? We all need hard drive recovery at some point in our life when we need to save the precious data on it. So here is the link to a nice Freeware Data Recovery Software

You know what?  DTI Data also offers free upfront flat rate price quotes on all the hard drive data recovery. isnt that amazing? They also offer a data guarantee and all single hard drive recoveries are no data no charge. the only exception to that rule is that if the drive has been opened somewhere else.

All software they sell on their site is developed in house. They also offer data recovery software including freeware, and their  free partition repair tool was praised by PC World here:,69967/description.html

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wattson111 said...

Yes , a few days ago I faced the problem of data loss when files got corrupted . So, to recover my files I used file recovery software. And it recovered all my files in their original form.