Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Role of Design in Successful Online Business

This is an age of internet where you can accomplish every day-to-day task with a click of the mouse. Earlier in the absence of internet people had to travel a lot even for petty things like paying bills, shopping, or checking their bank balance. Today with the advent of internet, even highly confidential corporate meetings are held online. It has become a must for every business to have a website of its own in order to survive the competition. This article focuses the role of website design in the online businesses.

It is a well known fact that business including small business can not survive without a good performing website. Businesses have very well understood this but the problem exists in choosing the right technology for the specific business. Earlier static HTML websites were the only ones used in the internet, but today there are several technologies, such as CMS, web 2.0 with CSS XHTML coding that drive the website and make it more interactive. Today’s interactive web makes it possible to transact and purchase goods online at the comfort of your home.

Earlier you had to hire a programmer to build your website today there are a number of CSS templates available at cheap rates all over the internet. You just have to customize it to your purposes and host your website. However the contents of CSS templates will be very basic and in order to make it elegant you need include a few button icons that are pleasing to visitors eyes. In case you run a business that doesn’t have a particular icon in the icon collection you purchased, there is an option of custom icons where you can design icons according to your specifications. Icons have a major role in making your website attractive.

Other design features that make your website user friendly include easy navigation, contact forms and shopping carts. If you provide retail sales through your websites and you need to frequently update the content of your website, you can opt for the most convenient CMS websites that can be organized and updated easily. Whenever you add banners, see to that it doesn’t distract serious buyers. It is wise to avoid animated flash banners that could also tamper the seo friendliness of the site. In case yours is an adsense website, you should consider the option of managing your content according to the preferred style of the target audience.

There are various strategies to drive traffic to your website which include search engine optimization, link building and social book marking. The easiest and the best way is gaining publicity through business cards. There are various websites that design custom business cards for a nominal price. You can either make use of it or design a card of your own. One thing to be note is if the design of the custom business card is similar to that of your website or other marketing collateral, it will be easy for the customer to remember and visit your website when the need arises.


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