Saturday, February 12, 2011

Airport Shuttles

Other day, i was reading about Chicago Airport Transportation services. Trust me, we all need airport transportation services some or the other time. Also, sometime we require specialied services such as Chicago Airport Limousine services, you know, when we want to make it a bit special.

I have always loved the idea of a limousine. I mean the grandeur and the style is unbelievable. Its my dream to go to the airport on a limousine to pick up my girlfriend when she is back from her hometown. It will make her feel very very special.

But mostly, when i am going alone, i prefer Chicago Airport Shuttle services. It is much cost efficient to travel in shuttle services, specially when you are just one or two people are a bit short on cash. Also, many a times, during inter city travel also, i prefer night shuttle buses instead of flights. There is something special about these shuttle services. You can see the whole town and the highways sitting in these buses

By the way, i was just thinking of an across country trip this summer. Do you guys have any trip planners who can help me in planning my trip in details? right from shuttle bookings to bus boookings to flight bookings. Also if they can also help me in finding cheap hotels, that would be great

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