Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Educational Forex Trading Program by iForex

Leading currency trading company iForex has launched its Educational Forex Trading Program for a large number of investors!

iFOREX is doing a good job by teaching new investors on the basics of currency trading through its unique learning process. On the top of that, its packages include one on one training sessions! And to add to that, these forex trading learning sessions have been developed and customized for over 14 languages. The company also provides additional language packs on its website. These additional language packs are for languages such as Turkish. Which means that the total languages covered by this unique program is way above 14 !

UWhen a person activates his or her new FX trading account, he becomes an iFOREX members. The best thing about becoming a member is that they instantly have access to a large amount of educational material on the iForex website.

In addition, they also get free a PDF training guide to Forex and market fundamentals, with a unique tutorial session with a finance expert to give them an idea of the exchange rate strategies and on top of that, they also get a demo trading account to hone their Forex skills before trading for real

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