Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iForex Launches

If you have not heard it before, here is the breaking news of the day!  iFOREX, the leading Currency exchange platform has launched a new service, hosted at This new section will provide up-to-the-minute foreign exchange news, commentary and daily forex trading analysis. It will also provide a large set of forex related tools for its visitors.

For both day trading newcomers and professional traders, will act as an important source of Forex related news. It will also help them to keep updated with key market events that can affect their daily trades.

The icing on the cake is that in addition, for easy access, iFOREX’s global audience and client base can enter their professional forex trading platform or find additional information in multiple languages, including Turkish, at

I must tell you that the high quality articles and analysis reports within Traderbase are collected and written by external forex market specialists. These specialists are located around the world, and have a global and unbiased perspective of the markets and the factors that can influence currency fluctuations.

TraderBase also provides valuable tools for traders, including an Economic Calendar which details scheduled financial events and announcements on the horizon. Investors can use tools such as this in order to read into potential market movements based on impending statements, which is a vital component in a trader’s arsenal.

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