Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am very sure you all will agree with me on this - Buying women's swimwear or even mens swimwear is one of the most difficult task on this planet!  I mean it should fit properly, its colors should be bright and clean, the material should be just perfect, the size should be just about perfect and what not!

I mean personally I find buying lingerie is the only task that can compete with or rather come close to buying swimwear task! I have certain stores and brands which i prefer for such apparel shopping, and I am sure that you guys also must be having certain stores and or brands which fit just about right! But as a policy i always make a point to try out the new brands that come out in the market to see if there is even a better fit in the market! I mean nothing is ever perfect in such cases! There is always scope for some improvement! Don't you guys also think so!!

So the other day I saw this shop near my office, and since then I have been itching to go to that shop. But sadly, the workload is so high these days that I am not even finding time to go to regular shopping, leave about lingerie shopping! 

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