Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Loose Weight Now, Ask me How?

By rough estimates, I can definitely assume that about 50% of the people online, are some or the other time looking for good tips on the most important topic of our times - Weight Loss Tips !!! 

If you know of a term BMI, which denotes Body Mass Index, which determines ideal weight according to your height. I think each one of you, reading this article, should go ahead and check your weight, height and then calculate your BMI. And if your BMI is over specified limit, you should definitely start working out, to bring your weight to ideal limit. Having excessive weight is harmful not only for your overall health, but also specifically for the health of your heart! 

So, in the market there are several types of work out categories, spanning from activities that help you in fast weight loss as well as slow weight loss. I have no preference over the method, or pace you adopt for weight loss, but definitely everyone should try to adopt atleast one method to be in perfect shape. 

If you want to lose weight fast, I would definitely advise you to one newsletter which i always read. This newsletter has been helpful to be always in maintaining my motivation, and to learn new, quick, efficient and qualified tips in terms of weight reduction. Please click here for Bodytrim newsletters, to help you in gaining new insights and tips regarding weight loss. 

So I am sure, each one of my readers also adopts some or the other methods to keep himself / herself in proper shape. After you are done with this article, please take out five minutes, and write your preferred weight loss method in the comments below. 

One of the articles mentioned in the newsletter talks about the benefits of cycling and getting fit. That is a recent article and i seriously liked it a lot. It talks about cycling is a wholesome activity, encompassing fun, fitness, and key to having a fabulous shape! Also, it is one of the best exercises you can you can do in winter season. One of the best thing mentioned in the article is the amount of energy we use in cycling!! According to the article, we spend about 1200 KJ of energy, by just cycling for one hour!! Ofcourse, it will vary according to your speed, body weight, cycling terrain and a hundred other things, but you get the point right? That how cycling is one of the most energy consuming sports, and helps you in quickly getting into a fabulous shape!

Do let us know your opinion in the comments!

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