Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hallmark Care Homes

So I am guessing you all know about Hallmark Care Homes, right?

So, as you all know, in every Hallmark care home, there is a huge focus on creating a community. Community as we all know, is very essential for survival. As they say, human beings are social animals, which require a community to survive. We all need a community that offers activity, independence and choice.

In Hallmark Care Homes, they provide relationship-centred care. To clarify a bit more,  relationship-centred care means they try to build a relationship with every resident, listening to their stories, learning all about their lives, to create a picture of the whole person.

These guys focus more on giving residents the choice to live their lives the way they really want to.

They purchased their first home in 1997, mainly because they wanted to make a difference. It is based on the simple fact that older people deserve the care and dignity which they earned throughout their lives.

These centers are based on three things: provide great care and facilities; employ passionate, dedicated people; and develop a team with the latest training and personal development coaching. 

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