Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gray Hair

As we all know, there is literally no escape from gray hairs! Eventually, age catches up with all of us! So, the other day, I found the first gray hair in my head! I am sure, most of you will know the horror of finding your first gray hair!!

So, I went on to 'Dear Google' to find some solution to my urgent problem! I found out, that there are some hair colors to cover gray hair, there are also some gray hair pills, among other solutions.I must tell you, that this problem can be solved very easily. There is no need to panic! All I took was some gray hair pills, applied some color on my hair, and lo I was ready to rock the floor! I went to a party after that, and trust me, none of my friends could find out that I have applied any dark color on my hair!

So let me ask you this question, what was your exact reaction when you found out your first hair? Were you also shocked and surprised like me, or were you already expecting it, because of your age? More important than that, what did you do after that? Took some pills or applied some colors? Do let me know in the comments

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epm consulting said...

You look good at it.