Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bar Equipment

Isnt it too good to have your own bar equipment at home? I have always wanted to make my own mini bar in my living room. And a mini bar does not mean only a small refrigerator with a couple of beers and one bottle of wine. A bar, howsoever small it may be, must have all the required equipment, including glasses, ice bag, small refrigerator, bottle opener, cork screw and a hundred other things. Most of my friends already have their mini bars at home. Hopefully, if the budgets run fine, i should also be able to make a small mini bar in my living room by the end of this year. Some of the best bar, kitchen and restaurant equipments are provided by the well known brands such as True, Pitco, Syracuse, Waymar, and Waring Commercial.

One should always keep a source or two handy for restaurant supplies and bar equipment. You can never really guess that when do your kitchen supplies dry up. So you should always keep a source list handy, which you can easily call up and refill the kitchen and bar. These days some websites have also sprung up which help you in ordering and procuring such bar and restaurant supplies.

Also, whenever i open up my mini bar, i will definitely keep Manitowoc ice machines and Libbey bar glasses in it. Its been my long standing dream to have everything of fine quality in such bar. Hopefully, i will order them one by one as and when i save money. going by my current pace, i should definitely be able to open my small mini bar at home by december, with full equipment and atleast 5 bottles of choicest wines.

So anyone of my readers planning to make a mini bar at home? Do share your reviews with me and let me know of ideas and suggestions on making a cost effective mini bar

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Personalized Glassware said...

I have a free space in our kitchen and maybe I will turn this into a mini bar. I would definitely need this kind of glasses for this project.