Monday, May 23, 2011

Law Firms

A lot of law firms are coming up these days, but all of them are not of the same quality. Law firms even differ on the basis of size these days. Some of them have expertise in only one domain, whereas others such as Jonathan Dickstein Law Firm have their client base in a multitude of sectors including software, information technology, outsourcing, internet, e-commerce, social media, semiconductor, green technology, cleantech, biofuels, alternative energy and semiconductor companies!

You can even watch the Jonathan Dickstein Video to understand their service offerings in detail. In addition to the law related advices, Jonathan Dickstein also offers business development consulting services for companies seeking dealmakers to transact their business with minimal supervision.

Jonathan Dickstein's non-legal experience includes business development, corporate development, business strategy, risk allocation and market analysis. In addition, he also works in the areas of Licensing, Contracts, Technology Transactions and IP Counseling for Life Sciences, CleanTech, IT, Software and Internet/Social Media companies

These days, hiring law firms / attorneys is so important as the customers keep suing a company on a daily basis. Having an in-house attorney saves cost of so many litigations, and also if the law firm is good enough and has people competent in all the fields including licensing, contract negotiation and intellectual property transactions and counseling and due diligence in life sciences, software, IT, cleantech and internet/social media, there is a very high probability that you will win the case of course. Specially, with the advent of technology, it is very essential to have lawyers that have a degree or diploma in the technology related areas also to be able to discuss and, if need be, fight the case for you!

Anyways, you guys the try the service out, and let me know the correct feedback, so that me and other reasons can make full benefot of it!  

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