Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Labor lawyer

In the wake of current recession, undue termination of the employees and workplace harassment, it is very important that employees are in touch with atleast  one labor lawyer. The other day, i was talking to a friend of mine, who was working with a small private software company. Suddenly, without notice, one day his services were terminated. Officially he was entitled to a severance pay of two months salary, however, his company only paid him 1 months salary. Rest of the amount was with-held by the company. He tried a lot, and was very tensed for few weeks before he met an employment lawyer, who helped him sue his company and get back his remaining amount.

Almost a similar thing happened with my other friend about two years back. He had to run around a lot with lots of paperwork and still his dues were not cleared by the company. Finally, he hired an employment labor to finalize the payments. Now he shifted to a new city with a new job! I some times fail to understand, what do companies gain by keeping such a pittance amount in the account for a few days or months!

So, did you guys have had any such experience? And would you like to share it?

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