Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So, the other day, I was looking for a list of classified related websites over the internet. Suddenly, while searching I came across a website called you list . Upon further research, it looks like Youlist is one of the Internet’s first  free shopping list search engine. This implies that this website does not profit from user shopping lists, searches, information, data, or links to third party websites. provides Free Classified Ads for its users all over the world.

I love browsing though classified websites. At times i think they do so much of effort for our sakes! I mean, generally they are not getting anything in return, and they are giving us so much useful information at one place for ready reference. Even if you are looking for Nashville classifieds , you can look through you list website! I mean so much stuff, at the same place, and that too available for 24 hours a day!

From what I have heard, is a website that is strictly for searching the Internet to find good shopping deals and to make a shopping list for your reference! Additionally, from the internet searches, it seems that is not affiliated with any other search engine or website. How cool is that!

And the best part is is powered by the public domain!! Which implies Youlist results are provided by using only publicly available methods and information! So its basically people helping other people. I am so gonna use this website and help others, who directly or indirectly helped me! You guys also go ahead and check this website!

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