Monday, December 26, 2011

iFOREX Reveals their New Forex Trading Two-Part Learning Guide

As you know, iFOREX, a foreign exchange (forex)  rates and currency trading provider, recently revealed the graphic display of their two-part learning guide for traders new to the forex market. The new design incorporates simple to follow infographics and text as well as clear examples on how to do forex trading. For the reader’s convenience, the guide can be found in an array of languages including Indonesian and Spanish which can be found and

The new design will be advantageous for beginner Forex traders. iFOREX stressed simplicity in their concept, letting readers learn in an easy and flexible way through infographics which include vast information about the Forex market as well as illustrations. The character “Simon” offers tips and examples along the way, making the learning guide almost interactive.

iFOREX has had many pleasant reviews on their new design. When asked what new traders should expect, a senior marketing executive was quoted saying, “The new learning course is oriented around the reader, making it easy to comprehend Forex and CFD trading. Our developed character, Simon, will guide the reader through simple steps of opening trades, making the entire learning course easy to follow from start to finish.”

With the Forex Market expanding every day, iFOREX believes it is important to keep new and current traders up-to-date with not only Forex news, but learning guides as well. For more information about the two-part learning guide or other financial services iFOREX provides, please visit

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